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dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Apolemia uvaria (B 201)

The Blaschka glass model 201, portraying Apolemia uvaria, was based on a figure printed in one of Carl Gegenbaur's articles: "Beiträge zur näheren Kenntniss der Schwimmpolypen (Siphonophoren)", published in: Zeitschrift für wissenschaftliche Zoologie, Band 5. (pp 285-344. Taf. XVIII, Fig. 1). This journal was published in 1854. His illustration shows a young individual of this siphonophore species. Blaschka copied the image, translated it into glass, and a copy of this model was sold to the University in Liège. This in turn served as  an example for this study in watercolour. 
Apolemia uvaria (B 201), 2012 watercolour (42x29,7 cm)
Go to my blog entry on Praya cymbiformis (B215) to read more on the influence of Gegenbauer on Blaschka glass model making. 

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