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dinsdag 12 juni 2018

Rudolf Blaschkas 161rst birthday

Rudolf Blaschka , 2018 (spraypaint, 18 x 18 cm)
Rudolf Blaschka was born 161 years ago, on June 17, 1857. 

Thus, this month we commemorate his life and achievements as a scientific artist.

zondag 27 mei 2018

Leopold Blaschka's 196th birthday

Leopold Blaschka, 2018 (spraypaint, 18 x 18 cm)
May 27, 1822, Leopold Blaschka was born. 

Thus, today we commemorate his life and achievements as a scientific artist.

woensdag 5 april 2017

Utrecht in tekeningen II

Politiebureau Tolsteeg, Aquarel, 1989, ca 30 x 40 cm
Het Utrechts Archief laat in de tentoonstelling bij de uitgave "De getekende stad. Utrecht in tekeningen 1900-2000" ook een van mijn werken uit 1989 zien. Het is een uitbeelding van het politiebureau Tolsteeg, waarin tegenwoordig het Louis Hartlooper Complex is gevestigd.  

zie ook "Utrecht in tekeningen I"

donderdag 2 februari 2017

Croatia: A trip into the past

Karlovac exhibition catalogue
The  Grammar School in Karlovac, Croatia  [Gimnazija Karlovac] recently had its  semiquincentennial [250 years anniversary]. This event was highlighted by a special exhibition in  the City Museum in Karlovac [Gradski muzej Karlovac]  

The past months, a rich overview of teaching aids that served education in the school for many years, and quite often more than a century, was exhibited. Among these, there was a large section with materials, originating from the Natural History Dealer Václav Frič  from Prague. This warmed my heart as Taťjána Spunarová and myself  uncovered  his influence on collecting natural history, and published on this subject back in 2005.  All kinds of objects were present,  of which I only knew that they existed because of a mention in  Frič’s sales catalogues. I visited Karlovac in the third week of January to view this.
Specimens, originating from Frič

The authors Antun and Luka, discussing the exhibit with me
Croatia is coming from a situation marked  by a recent war of independence.  The current exhibition contributes to resuming cultural identity by stressing the unbroken chain of history of education at the Grammar School. For the future, a  recreation of the school’s botanical garden is projected. Further it is hoped, that another link to history will be emphasized by a memorial hall in honour of former student Nikola Tesla.

Catalogue title description in Croatian: 
Put u prošlost prirodoslovlja i obrazovanja : 250 godina gimnazije Karlovac = A trip into the past of natural science and education : 250 years of Karlovac grammar school / [urednici Luka Čorak, Antun Milinković ; autori tekstova Luka Čorak, Antun Milinković, Ljudevit Ilijanić ; prijevod, Tomislav Delač]. - Karlovac : Gradski muzej Karlovac, 2016. - 112 str. : ilustr. u bojama ; 25 cm. ISBN 9789537510657

dinsdag 13 december 2016

retirement & farewell party

Recently, I retired. On my farewell party I delivered my Blaschka lecture,
for the final time, to coworkers and  librarians. 

In addition,  there was a small exhibition of zoological illustrations.


These images were used by Leopold and Rudolf  as preparatory materials
for the designs of glass animal models.

All books are from the special collections of Utrecht University
& these clips pan you along the showcases.

woensdag 9 november 2016

Utrecht in tekeningen I

Tolien Wilmer componeerde een  boek dat als titel kreeg: De getekende stad. Utrecht in tekeningen 1900-2000. Ze heeft ruim vierhonderd tekeningen uit de collectie van Het Utrechts Archief gekozen die laten zien hoe het beeld van de stad Utrecht tussen 1900 en 2000 ingrijpend veranderde. Het boek bevat een aquarel van me uit 1986.

Central Soja aan ’t Merwedekanaal,  1986 - 57,5 x 77 cm

One of my watercolours made in 1896 was included in a book with 400 Utrecht cityscapes.


donderdag 18 augustus 2016

Meeting of Styles - Antwerp

In the weekend of  August 12-14, Antwerp featured the International Grafitti festival 'MEETING of STYLES'.  There was a cutting atmosphere of aerosol spray paint and  mutual competition. The artists liked black T-shirts and baggy pants, they often had a bun in their hair and they preferred dark rimmed glasses: the hipster look. The iconography of their grafittis relied highly on comics from the  sci-fi and horror genres, but there were also several impressive TAGS. As for underwater imagery, of course the octopus was a favorite as it connotates with fear and anxiety. But there was also a quite convincing jellyfish that is shown hereunder

Wall with fresh spraypaint

Grafitti jellyfish image