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zondag 18 september 2011

Václav Frič

The 2005 study that was executed in cooperation with Taťjána Spunarová  (see article) induced contacts.
A Scandinavian anthropologist with an interest in pre-modern whaling, asked for details about the provenance of the whale that Frič  procured around 1885 and then installed in the Czech National Museum. Taťjána helped him.
A master student of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris looked into the fluid preserved skeletons from Frič' natural history business. He developed a method to evaluate these objects and so he delivered a solid overview..
In Sydney, the Australian museum keeps a handwritten catalogue of crystal models offered by Frič, his printed Foraminifers catalogue and also a set of Blaschka glass models. In the past I have helped this Museum in editing the web text that introduces these models.

Early glass models, detail from a larger watercolour from 1999

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