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woensdag 27 mei 2015

New Home for Older Art

In 1987 I made, circling around the fragment "shards of space and granules time" a group of “memorials.” These were reliefs constructed from nondurable materials: painted collages of newsprint paper and paper-mâché on plywood. 
My moving to another house recently, resulted in an improvement in housing, but not so much in storage. Thus, I decided to cede  a selection of these earlier works – the ones that were still in good condition - to art lovers. I managed to find a place for several of these works in the offices of the Utrecht University Library,  the building where I work.

Een steen en een brood,  1987, Collage-Acryl (70 x 90 cm) 

The work “Een steen en een brood” / “A stone and a loaf of bread “  summarises a deep truth: punishment and nourishment alternate in a perpetual movement. This work went to a private home.

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