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dinsdag 12 februari 2013

Darwin Day 2013

Natural selection is looking at you I, 2012    
Acrylic spraypaint/stencil, watercolour; DIN A4

With pleasure I like to inform you that my two entries to the on-line exhibition “Windows on Evolution” were received well. One work, “Natural selection is looking at you” was proclaimed best of show, whereas the other one, “Evolution is looking at you” was selected for the on-line exhibition. The show will be accessible from today onwards, Darwin Day, February 12, 2013.

The competition is an initiative of “Science Art-Nature”. This is a non-profit organization, founded in 2009 by scientists at Stanford University.

Evolution is looking at you 2012,
watercolour (39 x 27 cm)
Evolution gave animals the ability of seeing by eyes. When experiencing the visual arts, looking is essential. That is why it went almost without saying that “seeing/looking” had to be the focal theme for my entries in this “Science Art-Nature” contest. Art itself is challenged by evolution, as the latter drew delusory eyes on butterfly wings. This is nature as well as illusion, and exactly this triggered my imagination.

I like to thank the jury of “Science Art-Nature”. As science and art merge here, I am pleased with this award, as I was back then with the Rakow Grant for Glass Research (1995) and the assignment by  the “Centraal Museum”(i.e. Utrecht City Museum), to write a chapter for the book NEO (2003


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